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Since 1921 the Henry Jullien brand symbolizes exceptional materials and treatments through the know-how of its master craftsmen. All Henry Jullien frames are hand assembled by our eyewear-making craftsmen in our factory at Lons-Le-Saunier in Jura, France. 

Henry Jullien is the one and only manufacturer of 14K Gold-filled frames in the world and is the only European company using this process. The authenticity and origin of Henry Jullien Gold-filled frames are guaranteed by the registered manufacturer’s hallmark stamped on each piece.


Gold Filled Know-How

Hand-assembled in France since 1921, the master craftsmen at Henry Jullien continue to create the world’s one and only Gold-Filled eyewear frames that contain 100 times thicker gold than gold plated frames. 

As exquisite as it is intricate, a single frame requires over 300

individual steps to complete requiring over 2 years of training for the assembler and comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The manufacture has been certified for the excellence in French craftsmanship by the EPV label which means "Entreprise du patrimoine vivant".

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Nanotechnology Know-How

Nano-steel alloy is a proprietary metal to Henry Jullien that uses nanotechnology to modify the molecular structure of traditional stainless-steel alloy making it stronger, harder and lighter than Titanium.

The Nano Studio collection is colored by Galvanic Coating Process or Electroplating giving to the frames a unique resistance to tarnishing, corrosion and temperature. Stencil precious treatments added (Palladium, Ruthenium and Gold). 

The collection features a patented screw-less hinge with friction regulation and R-Block soldering.

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The Collection

The Gold Filled Collection - The Nano Studio Collection

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